What's this, what's this? A real "life-sized" Gundam? Oh my gosh!

Bwahahaha! Forgive me for my *shocked mode* behavior, teehehehe. XD

Okay, okay, enough of that *Aaah! Eh? OOh! Mode* =}

The Gundam family will be having their 30th Anniversary. And guess what?! Part of their celebration is the construction of this giant, "life-size" Gundam, and is being constructed on Odaiba, Tokyo... Sounds uber cool huh? Well it totally is!~

Haha, honestly, I really don't know the full details regarding with this cool news, because I can't read Jap. characters chuva, so Honto Gomen Nasai! But if you'd want to take a look and read on all of the info about it. Just type this url: and voila! ^_^

Hehehe, I hope this Gundam can fly. Lol XD < - - - "babo" ROFL =}

<--- Place where they will put the "life-sized" Gundam. =}

And the face or model of that Gundam?...

TADAAAN!!! - - - > This is the RX-78 Gundam

Shots at the construction site:

and there you go...

Woohoo!!! Fight-On GUNDAM!!!

Anime Heat!!!~

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Yo Pipz!!!Photobucket

Hehehe, it's been a long time since my post here. Hahahaha!!! Hehehe, anyway maybe some of you already knows that I went to our org's first anime event, held last Aug. 17, 08. Our group or organization's name by the way is Ani-Ma Kyoukai, which is a non-profit and non-stake organization. with a dream of achieving anime excellence by pulling together the three archipelagos to a widespread national group distributing knowledge and more anime in the industry. Our main goal is to recruit all anime enthusiasts at any age to interact with fellow anime lovers and to unite ourselves as we continue to grow larger with other anime organizations in the Philippines. *source: animakyoukai's multiply*

The "Anime Heat" event also comprimises of Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament, Art Exhibition and Artist Alley, Henna Tatooing and face patinting, Anime Merchandise Trading, Surprise Games, and also my faves which are the Manga Drawing Contest, On-the-Spot Drawing Contest and also the Sing-A-Like contest, where each contestant can sing one of their fave OST from any anime title... *Doro Darake Rolling Star... Woohoo!!! Promote Yui Fever!!!*Photobucket

Anyway, here are some of the pics on that event!Photobucket

More of these pics at my friendster account, y'all can just grab it if y'all have my friendster account that is. Lol... Just Kidding~ Photobucket